Lauri has freshly acquired a fishing-rod. It qualifies as non-standard luggage.
Transport costs 40 euros. To bring it back also 40 euros. More than the cost of the rod. Various possibilities: to roll it up, break into two, tuck it into a locker (doesn't fit in). We manage to give it to the information table for storage. Buy some vodka to trade for salmon with the fishermen.
In the next gate Tõnis Mägi, Kärt Johanson (singers) and Urmas Paet (minster of foreign affairs) are waiting. They got on board with their rods, for sure.
The flight goes about one hour later because of bad weather in Helsinki (Tallinn Airport information) or problems with the staff (airplane's captains information).
In Helsinki there is un-helsinki-like confusion, lunch with a view on the airplane and a boring bookshop.

In the beginning there are only two bags in Oslo, mine and Lauri's. We go to look for the luggage information for Krõõp's bag when I hit the floor with a big bang. The shoestrings got mixed up and before landing I must of made some weird movements. Attentive Norwegian people bend over me. My travel companions just disappear behind horizon. I get up and leap after them, warding off the helpers. Krõõp's bag is on the other counter as non-standard luggage... We eat Lauri's sandwiches and drink his dental wash water.
Then we practice do-it-yourself-check-in. It appears that everyone is on my responsibility (and where is that woman who is responsible for you?).
Thorough security check, although it is a domestic flight. At least we don't have to take our boots off but have to place them on a footprint instead. Additional leg groping. Some kind of touching freaks always work in security check who thank you politely after groping.
The flight is delayed again. This time we wait for a group of people who are late.

Down on earth are snowy mountaintops for some reason. But we left skies at home...
We have front row seats and I can look into cockpit.
The airplane lands on the beach near town. In the midnight-airport we miss the first bus. The sun just disappears behind a hillock. We catch the second bus.
The hotel is on a lovely street with wooden houses. We enter with a door-code which I received with e-mail. The key is found in a safe-deposit box. Downstairs there's tea and internet. A Norwegian-speaking woman appears and talks incessantly with someone.
To use the light, we go walking around in the city. In the harbour there are nice reflections in water and picturesque sunlight. It's one o'clock in the night. Feels a bit like Palle's world, almost no-one around despite it looking like a day. Only some ice-bear-like persons in t-shirts. The weather is not the warmest. We find the most boreal Burger King in the world.
Bot bird cherries are blossoming.
weather forecast
let's make the top

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