our own busdriver

It's surprisingly warm in the night. Wake-up at half past four.
Lauri has found some garbage during the night and ignited a fire, so we can heat water for tea.
Nothing at the bus stop. The weather is dull but the sky looks dramatic. Finally a bus appears and drives past us happily, a sign "Ikke i trafikk" written in front. The motivation is totally down. As we are too sleepy to decide anything, so we catch a bus that appears at 6:40. From this bus we get a booklet with bus time table that will be our most valuable reading material for the next few days.
We are the only passengers. The driver has been to Estonia in the 90s, knows words "center" and "harbor". Before Gryllefjord there's a serpentine and the colleagues of our driver do not have the guts to drive that road in the winter with snow and falling rocks. Torsken is the end-station, after that the bus comes back the same way. The driver suggests that we stay on board until he goes through Gryllefjord on his way back. This way we can see some more. Very kind of him. Motivation rises slowly towards sealing. Some blue holes have appeared into the clouds and pieces of sun fall on the landscape.
There's an Indian-head-shaped mountain in Torsken. On our way back the driver shows us a camping spot near Gryllefjord. And apologizes that road construction works are going on nearby so there will be some noise. A movie is being shot in the village. If we're lucky, we could get a part as background campers.
Camping spot is fully equipped. Small lake with a pier, two covered tables (according to the sign men sit on the left and women on the right), oven with coal and liquid for igniting the fire, garbage bags and water closet. Cool.
First breakfast-lunch. Before adding spirit to the stove you should make sure the fire is out. Otherwise it could result in some roasted cereal bars and packbag. Sea of flame is under control within a few seconds in co-operation of water and medipack. Lauri doesn't even have time to react. Kitchen Full of Surprises in action.
Tent up and we scramble along the edge of the fjord towards Gryllefjord center, trying not to fall into the fjord. Before water are thick grass, moss and rocks. Here and there lie about crab feet and seashells. One huge slug as well.
From the shop in the village center we get new matches. Now the parking place is full of cars. In the morning the big bus could turn around here. A bunch of tourists-polarbears has arrived. We have all our clothes on, they walk around in shorts.
Blue sky is still far away above the sea and does not come any closer. There is the end of the world as our bus driver told us. We climb towards it along the rocks. Next to a steep wall we have to stop and admire the sun, foamy waves and petroglyphes from last century. Lauri has the feeling as of he had made crouches all day yesterday. Some crouch at home which is cheaper.
On the way back we take a brief nap on moss, hoping not to shock two locals with their dog.
Salmon from the shop. Krõõp and me walk to the other end of the fjord, Lauri climbs somewhere higher (crouches, crouches). The other end of the fjord is full of seashells, occupied as well as deserted ones, blue, black, pearl-colored. I would have never believed that it's possible to gather your pockets full of seashells in Norway. Trying not to squash too many of them we spend about an hour crawling on wet sand like two autists. Seashells and sea urchins lie around also on the road and in moss.
Salmon turns out to be a smoked one. That does not prevent us from warming it up on the grill because the grill is there. Lime is the king.
My knees have turned neatly blue. At least they don't hurt anymore.
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