last day

I wake up early because a journalist found yesterday that he has time to meet me.
He represents the truth of ’the other side’.
Then I got to Beautiful Day in order to buy the Burma Storybook. For the kitsch to be complete I go to Strand hotel café to read it. One of the most famous hotels around here, built in 1901. The book contains poems, pictures of the poets and interviews with them. A beautiful book.
A starry night means
A night full of stars
That are about to fall
(Mae Yway)
I am not so worried about Trumpland. It is only four years. My country had a bad government for more than fifty years. (Moon Thu Eain)

I have found out what they should do about their country. First they should start by numbering their houses in a reasonable manner. For what I've observed they use three systems. One is the normal, 'our' method where odd numbers are on one side of the street and even number on the other side. The second method is to start numbering on one side of the street, go until the end and come back on the other side. The third method is to make a lottery and divide the numbers randomly between all the houses. With all three methods some houses have numbers written on them and some don't. Second thing, they should not throw garbage all over the place. These two things done and it would look at least 50% more civilized.

Tomorrow I’ll try to catch Qatar Airways again.
slow day
a day in Arabia

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