Rain has washed the sky blue.
Thiri comes to pick me up and we go to see the tomb of Bahadur Shah Zafar. Bahadur Shah was the last ruler of India although he ruled only over a part of Delhi. After the 1858 trouble in the army the British accused him of conspiracy (the legal ruler, right) and sent him into exile to Rangoon. He died four years later and the Brits buried him to a secret place. The place was found in 1991. The last king of Burma was sent into exile to India. Convenient to have so much land in your disposal, possible to send rulers into exile left and right.
In the mausoleum also one of shah’s wives and a daughter (or granddaughter, who knows) are buried. Photos on the walls, beautiful Arabic song playing. Men in sarongs, brooms on their shoulders walk about. Now it is seen.
Next we drive to two places and try to enter houses. Luckily we don’t get in but from one of the houses we get a phone number and a woman agrees to be contacted once she reaches the capital. In the other house a man asks us to come back on Monday. I already have a man on Monday. We co-ordinate the schedule and Thiri is surprised that I already have such a famous man in my notebook. Her guy should be as famous.
I circle the streets around the hotel and arrive to an Italian restaurant. About time to get to know the surroundings. A neat place, menu only in English and prices sky-high. Italian vegetable soup. The Italians would be surprised.
The second half of the day I spend diligently with school-work.
Weird news. A stock photography site has sold two of my photos for 46 cents. And a magazine in Estonia will publish one for free. Not a way got get rich, I suppose.
The Black Nights’ Film Festival has started. I buy a ticket for a film on the last day, hoping the plane will not be late this time.
second research day

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