from Aa to Toila

A terrible night. I have a cramp in my leg and it is very cold.
Can’t wait for the sun to come up and start heating the tent. When I wake up at 8:30 it is finally warm in the tent. But I have a sore throat and feel weak. I busy myself on the campsite, eat. It is a fine weather, sun, no clouds. I book a camping house in Toila. It will be two short days in a row now and anyway I had agreed to be in Narva-Jõesuu on Friday. Two military helicopters fly overhead. There are drills going on here currently.
The road consists of long strait stretches and it’s headwind. It goes slow. Above Ontika bank is a windstill bench where to purr, drink a sports drink and watch passing cars.
In Valaste is the highest waterfall of Estonia and across the road coffee on offer. Some military people are having a break and we chat. The drills are going fine, enemy was just driven away from here. One of the guys gives me a small Estonian flag and a chocolate produced for the defence forces. Intetesting how big is the possibility to get in trouble while riding through Ida-Virumaa on 9th of May with Estonian flag attached? The mindset of the locals is heavily influenced by Russian propaganda.
Next are armored vehicles by the road in position and sergeant-major Petjärv introduces the situation. We are winning and they get to go home in two days. Internet is forbidden until then. There are battles going on in Toila so I rush there. Once in Toila I first go to the camping and when I venture out are the battles over and the enemy shopping with an armoured vehicle.
I buy a toothbrush for my bicycle and boil myself in shower. Then I sit on my balcony where it is warm. Then I sleep. In the evening I go for a short walk to the beach and the park. I feel cold.
Today’s distance 24 km.
from Toolse to Aa
from Toila to Narva-Jõesuu

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