from Gorodenka to Tammispää

Wake up at five so that Kalle could be in Tallinn when he needs to be there. I have to be put back in front of Gorodenka border guard station.
First we change the back tire because some air still has escaped in the night.
It starts to rain right away. Birds sing loudly and bird cherries smell. A border patrol drives past me and stops because I stop. But I need to take a picture of Narva river with dark clouds. Two deer cross the road slowly. Through Kuningaküla, Permisküla, Karoli and Jaama. Karoli is a place where broom leans against front door and a car tire has been cut into swan.
A detour to Vasknarva. A gate to the church yard is open but the church itself closed. A woman I meet in the yard says that the church is open in the morning and in the evening. It’s ten o’clock, morning enough for me but obviously not for the locals. Heavy rain.
Since I’ve got nothing better to do than cycle I cycle with one go until Alajõe. There sun comes out for a brief moment. I have kept an eye out for RMK Karjamaa campsite but seen no signs. I find Uueküla campsite where tables have enough distance between themselves to please Estonians.
Next stop at the beach in Kauksi. Rain stops for a while. Over lake Peipsi approach more dark blue clouds. No-one on the beach. Then I boil water for some tea at the campsite. I’m getting sleepy.
The ferry to Piirissaare does not go quite on the days that would perfectly suit me so it is reasonable to go some more distance. It’s still too early for staying put anyway. I go to have a look at the lighthouse in Rannapungerja. Lake Peipsi only has three lighthouses.
I buy some weird food and eat some of it right away. When I’m pouring purchased water into my own bottle an old man comes and looks with his nose basically touching the bottles. Asks what is going on. I explain that I just poured water from one bottle to the other. He claims for not having seen anything like that before. Must be boring life here when even water doesn’t go from one bottle into another.
I have entered Jõgeva county.
When we drove past here before I noticed Tammispää campsite. In front of it is a sign with a phone number. On the number answers a guy who says that since I’m there so early in the season I may just go and camp without any fee. No rain.
Distance 79 km.
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from Tammispää to Kavastu

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