from Piirissaar to Värska

Before going to sleep I check out the orange strip in the evening sky.
Around me whistles, quacks and twitters reed. Nightingale is singing next to my tent and I don’t have to stay outside to keep listening to it.
Morning is in a hurry because the ferry leaves at six. Tent is wet from dew and gets thrown loosely on top of other luggage. I reach the harbor a moment before the ferry appears around the corner. The bike goes to the already familiar place.
Breakfast in Laaksaare harbor and then on towards Mehikoorma. There is the third Peipsi lighthouse and in front of the shop the first ice-cream stop of this trip. Tropical 17 degrees.
In Naha village a man offers his services. He has repaired passing broken Germans before. Alright, when a German breaks and needs spare parts or something then Naha village is the place.
I opt for gravel road to go to Räpina harbor. Three deer slowly cross the road, stop and look at me, forming a nice composition. But they run into rapeseed as soon as I have my camera ready.
In the harbor is a café that opens at two during navigation period. I don’t know if it is navigation period or not but it’s only 11 o’clock. So no coffee and no toilet. Instead I eat stuff from bicycle bags in the sun. Some people with motor boat arrive and ask if I work there. Nope. I have to decide if I should go to Räpina or not. Räpina harbor is not located in Räpina by the way. It is not sure if I would get cash from Räpina or maybe there would be ATM anyway in Värska. There would probably be coffee but there’s a nice shortcut to Ristipalo, leaving Räpina out. I opt for the shortcut. I’ve seen Lämmijärv lake now. On the way to Ristipalo it is possible to see people who have put on spacesuits in order to go and poison environment.
In Ristipalo there is no trace of the RMK campsite that definitely has a life in internet so I go on to Võõpsu. In Võõpsu ice-cream is 4 cents cheaper than in Mehikoorma. And bigger! I see the first tsässon (prayer house) of this trip and enter Võru county and Setomaa all at once. And turn towards Beresje.
Beresje is the end of the road where lake is light blue and a person mows lawn. It is also the only oldbelievers’ village in Setomaa. At the beach sits a swan on the nest and tries to be invisible. As soon as I sit down frogs start a loud concert. I dry the tent and read.
Lüübnitsa is a cool place. Behind the village are watch tower, picnic table, toilet and some attractions for kids.
Back to Võõpsu and on to Mikitamäe. From Mikitamäe shop I get cottage cheese snack and pear, eat those right away and rush down the hill. I like when it goes downhill. Before Värska there is still an option to drive through bush on gravel roads. Gravel gets grassy, crosses over a pasture, turns into nice forest road and reaches a yard. A tall blond man announces that he would not allow cars to pass there but bicycle is okay. Further on the road is clearer and there are some maintained houses.
Todays’s accommodation is Värska sanatorium which is a classic and priceless starting from the ladies at the reception. Re-supplay delivery is anticipated.
Distance cycled 89 km.
resting day on Piirissaar
from Värska to Lõunalaagri

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