the hike

It takes some time to get to Ruka, a ski resort in northern Finland.
Having decided to go with my own car, I take the ferry to Helsinki and put the car there in a train. There are car-trains in Finland. The ride takes one night. My cabin is big and comfortable. I meet the car in Rovaniemi and drive to Ruka from there.
One night in Ruka. Sightseeing consists of looking at the ski jump tower.
The school bus doesn't go yet (it's 31st of August) so I take a taxi to the beginning of the trail, Hautajärvi. The taxi driver lifts the bag on my back and off I go. It sounds more glamorous than it feels. Bag is damn heavy and a 3 kg tripod does not help. I rest every two kilometers. Cover 15 km the first day. Lot of blueberries. At camp site I meet Karim, an Hungarian. We chat until late into the night.
16 km the next day. It snows a bit.
16 km also the third day. Bearded trees, mushrooms. Muddy trail. Cold.
Fourth day, 18 km. Very beautiful morning with fog and sunshine. Overnight in the crowded cabin in Ylikota. River flows under the cabin.
15 km on the last day. Thunder and nice views but also a lot of climbing.
I look pretty damaged back in the hotel in Ruka. What made me to continue with hiking after this first experience, I do not know. Must be the nature. I learned not to carry a tripod with me.

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