mountains of Kulusuk

Movie makers have to manage without me today because I've planned a hike up to Isikajia mountain.

The weather is nice, some cloud and more sun.
The only road on the island goes to the mountain but I still start on the trail from the bridge. Experience says that this eventually leads to the road and trail is nicer than road.
Ground is a lot wetter than last time. When I reach the road then the landscape starts to be covered in clouds. Mountains appear and disappear, the surroundings get more and more dreamy. A fog gate is built behind my back. There are a lot of antennas and stuff on the mountain. On the other side is a wooden platform that can be used as a picnic spot with one of the best views is the world. I set up a picnic with tea, crispbread and kitkat. Left and right clouds drift over cliffs, covering and uncovering parts of the view. Below and until horizon swim lonely giant icebergs. Ocean breathes noisily. Finally the whole view is opened so I can start getting down. On the way I go and look behind this and that corner. Next mountain looks climbable so up I go. Further up is quite steep and I keep to inland side. I'd prefer falling there instead of into the sea. No falling anywhere though. Someone has built a pile of stones on the top and it seems like I am higher than the previous mountain. The closest iceberg to the shore has lost a tower. Back along the road, sun is getting ready to set into purple glow.
Meanwhile Maliina has departed and heating has been switched off in our house. Nico and Nathalie have invited us for dinner. So final night is performed in international company in the yellow house.

third day in Kulusuk
from Kulusuk to Reykjavik

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