to the beaches far away

It takes time to locate a car rental place that is open.
The season is clearly over. We manage to get a small Nissan and drive to Megalo Livadi.
The area between Koutalas and Megalo Livadi is scarred landscape with rusty equipment wrecks. Mining has been done here since antiquity and involved rich Greek from Constantinople, British and French money and German military interests. The abandoned working places are free for everyone to explore. The picture ops can take many hours.
Next we go to search for the highest mountain, Troulos. It’s very windy so when we finally find it, we just take a picture from below and continue down, hoping to find a peaceful beach for picnic and some reading.
In Platis Gialos there are three small bays. The biggest looks calm from above but it’s full of disco from a boat. It’s also chilly. We sit on a rock and eat our sandwiches. I read a bit, Kalle has a nap. Not the best conditions for a swim.
On our way back we check out Tsilipakia bay. Here is different landscape with a marshy lagoon and quacking of birds.
a day on the balcony
on the balcony again

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