leaving the island

We eat everything that's still left and go looking for transport.
There's some kind of parade. Something in connection with WWII. Most streets are closed. No taxi. We find a bus and reach the ferry on time. The driver is on the phone the whole way, talking about going to see a lawyer.
Lot of people on the move in Kavala as well. Some soldiers march behind the ferry ticket booth.
This time we get a slow bus that stops each time someone yells "stop!". Luckily we bought some pie from the bus station. The sea glimmers at a distance.
In Thessaloniki we live on a small street, very difficult for the taxi to access. A real Greek house, not quite finished yet. In the room we find a bottle of rosé wine and a view into the neighboring balcony. Food can be obtained when following flashing lights on the streets.
a walk

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