from Kapasto to Tallinn

The clear cut area that I could see from the cabin is a few years old. The noise comes from further away.
But that direction I find some nice forest, a house in the woods and a bridge belonging to someone called Otto. Good to know.
Since I still have time I go to have a look at Sääretirp. It is a long narrow stretch of land that goes into the sea. A place like this is also on Saaremaa and I guess in many places in the world. Well, it’s nice. One side swans swim along with some pieces of ice and on the other side solid ice stretches until the stones climb out of the water again. Sun comes out and it gets warm. I discover that I haven’t turned my watch to summer time and that explains why the sun got up so early.
A half-local on the ferry confirms that there were more trees on the island one and half year ago when I was there the last time. The situation does not look good.
from Metsapere to Kapasto

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