from Tõrvanina to Metsapere

It snows a bit during my late breakfast.
That explains why it was so cold during the night. I wanted to camp one night in order to test my new sleeping bag. It didn’t pass the first test.
A hiking trail starts from the big parking lot. I follow it for some time until the snow gets too deep. Some nice tree stumps and moss-covered trees. The trail goes until Kärdla.
I picked Tahkuna peninsula for the first day because Google maps showed a big patch of untouched forest there. Well, I didn’t check when the photos were taken. It is difficult to find even enough cover for peeing. Most of the clear cut areas are from this winter. Only in one place the trees left standing are in one group with moss and undergrowth between them. In all other places the leftovers stand apart, waiting to fall down with the next heavy wind. Unless they have done so already. Many trees standing have their barks damaged or are without treetops. Interesting approach. A small herd of roe deer slowly crosses the field.
I find a bunch of abandoned houses. An enterprising person has brought a pile of old tires there. Thrown these in from the window and left some on the window sill.
I spot some harvesters in action. There also has been some clear cutting in the Leigri nature protection area. This kind of cutting is normally done with all necessary permits and city people don’t know anything anyway.
An elk stands by the road. I stop. The elk thinks a bit, walks to the road, dances over it and disappears between the trees.
Try to locate one of the RMK forest cabins but the app offers me Christmas trees instead. Christmas is still far away although one flock of snowflakes after the other crosses the road. I find the Metsapere cabin without the help of the app. Seems to be a nice place, especially in summer. With a swimming pool. No fire place inside but I still move in. A fly wakes up.
from Tallinn to Tõrvanina
from Metsapere to Kapasto

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