back in Ísafjörður

In the morning almost everybody hikes to the abandoned whaling station.

Me and Rakel stroll also to the village and back. Strong wind, ice between the rocks. Then we aim towards Ísafjörður because Satu needs to catch a flight. She misses it. Decent waves, some of the kitchen utensils move to the floor. Going to the toilet is a challenge.
Arktika is attached to the outer dock. Long packing and moving out procedure. People exchange contacts and threaten to meet again. The book store is already closed so the book they ordered for me remains there.
I get to shower after a week of being dirty. My room is on the third floor and Arktika is visible from the window. The accommodation is weird, the floors are moving. Half a litre of beer does not improve the situation but I can again hear someone saying 'oh, I thought you were a foreigner'.

a day in the capital

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