In Ísafjörður

Everybody is still asleep when I fight with my bag in the dark and move out.

The guy in the reception said yesterday that since there is no convenient bus route from here to the airport so I should walk. Thai people would have fainted. I had planned walking anyway but thought to practice language that way. Turned out he didn't speak Icelandic.
Sky is clear and air cold. Big part of the flight seems to be free falling. Cloudy in Ísafjörður and Siggi to pick me up in the airport. I move into the boat, meet Annukka and Halla. Visit the post office and book shop. The book that I wanted is sold out but they'll order it for me.

Because of the weather forecast the departure is postponed until tomorrow. Hanging out in the boat, reading, practicing Finnish and Icelandic takes the rest of the day. Some Swedish-speaking people also arrive. Or not quite the whole day. We go swimming to Bolungarvík with Rakel. Icelandic swimming means sitting in a hot pot of water outside, looking at snow-patterned mountains. Some sun appears but there's a wall of bad weather on the sea. The wall arrives for dinner and starts to gently rock the boat.
The people. I share the cabin with an American-Swedish couple Mia and Andy. Next to us is a Icelandic-Finnish family Satu and Björgvin with two small children Saga and Saila. Rakel is a local guide and Óli a local, learning to be a captain. Then there's the captain's family with Annukka who is from Finland and a seven week old baby Halla Stína. Mainly Icelandic spoken which is nice. By the end of dinner I just understand everybody but don't realise anymore what language is going on.

to Reykjavik
arriving in Hornstrandir

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