four days in Bishkek

After all this wilderness Bishkek feels like a bustling metropolis.
Except for one day when we try to find some archeological sights we spend the rest in the capital. Museum of history, art museum, old books' shops, antiquities' shop, cinema, parks.
Hotel breakfast is terrible, luckily we find Fatboy's café.
People spend a lot of time outdoors, parks are always full of those who play table tennis, flirt and eat.
Books are mainly in Russian. English language books are as rare as books in Kyrgyz.
Lot of things that we have already forgotten: rude service, dirty streets and decayed public buildings, soda machines and shops where all items are behind the salesperson.
Ala Too square is a popular place in the evenings. Everybody is there, classical music blasts from loudspeakers and people eat sweets.
around the lake

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