walking: Brúnavík-Breiðavík

Morning is windless and through the tent I see that sun is already up.
No hurry. I drink coffee and actively dry the tent. Condensation.
After walking in the river the trail meanders along huge landscape. All this was created as a result of some ancient volcano eruptions like most of Iceland. A Chinese guy comes from the opposite direction. How did he get here so early? Today there are two passes, 360 and 450 meters. Higher than the highest mountain in Estonia.
Between two passes a Portuguese and a French wait for me on a turn. They have been walking in this area ten days already and also camp in random places. And hitchhike on the road. We probably came on the same ferry but they stayed on the Faroe Islands for six days. Say that they could have spent two weeks more without being bored, although it was raining a lot.
On the other side of the passes is cold wind despite the sun being warm. Many times I take time to sit and look around with the excuse of having a picnic. On a pond live two big and three small swans.
Make a detour to Krókur where the sign promises ruins. Looks like ordinary drift wood from the sea. Some of it has been used to build a house for sure. The sea is dark blue with white foaming waves. Dandelions. This area is supposed to have the richest flora in whole Iceland.
There is official campsite in Breiðavík. Information materials recommend using the official places and it would indeed be nice. Three of them are on my planned route. There is place for tents and the necessary infrastructure. In the house lives a young Icelandic family. Credit card data is written down and sent somewhere someday. I get permission to go eat inside. Weather forecast says that it will be cold in the night but no rain.
To pass time until dinner I walk to the sea and back and read. Scary thing is that the book will soon be finished. A travel book by an Estonian author Lauri Räpp. Quite funny.
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