drive to Eastfjords

Snoring people should have their separate ward.
Or they should be forbidden to sleep in hostel in the same room with other people.
Morning is wet and good for spending it in car. Mountains have disappeared again. Wind chases waterfalls back up and tries to blow the car off the road.
The shortest way to Hengifoss goes over Öxi. What is Öxi remains hidden in the rain. Anyway, it is gravel road with 17% ascents. Right in the beginning is a random waterfall and a German guy with a car. He lets me know that the area ahead is super foggy and there are a lot of potholes. The amount of potholes probably depends on one’s background, if there are German highways or recent experiences in the Himalayas. But fog is quite dense, hides views very well and saves time. My car that was just washed in the rain is again muddy up to the roof. It will not get clean again because sun shines ahead. This side of the mountains has trees. Higher-than-man-trees! I check the lake which is actually a river and where a worm-monster lives.
Hengifoss has been made so that water drops from high above into a red-striped hole. Before it is Litlanesfoss and lava that has frozen into hexagonal columns. There are people and wind.
Accommodation is a hostel with creative interior on the edge of Egilsstaðir. I need to make a plan, look at hiking trails map and wind and rain forecast. It looks like the hike starts tomorrow and lasts for six days. The biggest challenge is not to fly away during the first night and not to drown in the rain on Friday. The highlight will most probably be placing the Swiss-Himalayan key ring on top of White Shirt Mountain.
walking: Borgarfjörður-Brúnavík

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