from Akranes to Húsafell

Day to move.
Grey-blue clouds on the background of grey sky, over blue mountains.
Deildartunguhver is not over yet. Next to it and on my way today is Krauma spa. I’m the first behind the door and so all of the luxurious interior is just for me for a while. People mostly pay here for interior and exterior design. I soak myself in hot water and watch traces of rain drops where the ratio of circumference and diameter is always constant.
Húsafell is a place on a former market route and close to the former glacier Ok. The glacier is not ok anymore.
The guesthouse is called “old farm” and it was built as a guesthouse in 1910. The present owner bought it ten years ago during the financial crisis. He starts to make waffles and coffee for me right away. We look at all the pictures of Hornstrandir that are on the FB page of his friends. We also inspect all old things in the house and leaf through many books. Dinner with prosecco in fine restaurant is off because the host starts to make soup. A Chinese and a French guest arrive. The French guy spends his free time running in the mountains and the Chinese guy has trouble believing that people might have something to do with climate change and other environmental impacts.
rain holiday

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