from Bakkagerði to Þórshöfn

Intermittent sun and mild wind. Weird.
I get my sock and drive off north. First stop is in the end of the world. Landsendi. It is on the other side of Héraðssandur. There are rocks in different shape, reflection of the lagoon and retreated and threatening sea. Here and there drips sweet water into salty one.
Next stop is by the only elephant in Iceland. Stands in the middle of water and lets waves foam around it.
After soup and coffee break in Vopnafjörður I go and soak myself in hot tube in Selárlaug swimming pool. Up form lilac clouds in concentric circles.
The closer I get to Þórshöfn the more sheep walk on the road. They’re not hitchhiking, just wandering around. In the rear view mirror is grey-yellow cloud porridge and ahead bright blue sky and clouds with clear outlines like a child’s drawing.
In the hostel I’m greeted in Estonian. The guy had a restaurant for six years in Pärnu. I have a room with one bunk bed and no-one joining me. Previous customers took the room key with them to Germany.
beach break

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