from Jonsered to Sindal

My plan is to start at seven and the same time breakfast is supposed to begin.
When I go looking for coffee half an hour before then the hotel guy is already awake. He thinks that since everything is ready then I can as well eat now. Nice of him. He complains that 14 people stayed at the hotel this night and ten of them have already had breakfast. Left to catch a flight to New York in the night.
There go four ferrys a day towards Denmark but two of them arrive very late at night and the afternoon one costs unreasonably much. More than the morning ferry and a ferry breakfast together. Now I can save the ferry breakfast.
Driving to the port goes so fast that I miss all gas stations and the option to fill my tank with the relatively cheap Swedish gasoline. So I have to fill it with the Danish one which compared to Icelandic fuel is again relatively cheap.
The ferry to Frederikshavn takes a bit more than three hours. In one corner all screaming kids have been collected. A separate area is reserved for dog owners.
Denmark, the paradise of bicycles is unexpectedly humpy. The humps are covered with cut and uncut corn. On tree fields grow firs with price tags attached. Very managed place. At least they have exemplary bush rows dividing the fields. I understand less from what the people are saying on the radio than yesterday.
The booked hotel is located already half way to Hirtshals for some reason. I guess it must have been reasonable considering the price, quality and distance. The hotel is managed by a café and it consists of a street-side clean room with white furniture. The whole wall towards the street is a window. Quite interesting.
I spend the day in internet. Outside sun, rain and thunder are on offer.
from Stockholm to Jonsered
life on the ferry

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