In the Saturday morning I take the empty and clean pot back to Sæmundur.
It is time to head for the harbor. On the way I make a “small” detour to Ísafjörður. I had actually planned to go there after Strandir to meet Veiga. But Veiga is famous now and was giving a talk in the east at that time. So there was not much point in going then.
Sun comes and hides again, mountains have been drawn under the snow. For a short stretch the snow is on the road, a snow plow drives past. Some bright yellow shrub is still left at places.
I spot a sailboat. As far as I know should Arktika be at home harbor but later I find out that this was her. No sleeping in the boat then. A couch at Veiga’s and Helga’s place is on offer. Not bad.
Veiga kayaked in the summer around Iceland. It took her 103 days out of which she spent 50 waiting or better weather. 2099 kilometers. I get to see the pictures and hear the stories.
Next day we make a small kayak tour, see a seal, climb half way up a mountain and fly a drone.
life in Húsafell
to the harbor

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