life on the ferry II

I meet my cabin mates in the breakfast queue and they invite me to join them.
They appear to be Faroese and not Danish. When I listened them talk last night then I already started to suspect that. Their representative communicates in German that is seasoned with some English words. Retired bookkeeper. Writes me her address and phone number so that I could go visit her and have coffee when I’ll be in Torshavn. They are part of a hundred person group from the Faroe Islands that went to Bornholm to some kind of Bible event.
I find a place for reading in the higher spheres where the tracker has satellite connection so I don’t have to go occasionally on the outer deck anymore to show myself to the satellites.
My new Faroese friends have invited me to a Faroese presentation about Greenland for 11 o’clock. To listen to the language. A few seamen talk and they share stories about being on a ship in storm on the Greenlandic coast. Drown seamen are remembered. A man who was killed by the Romans almost 2000 years ago also plays some part in the stories. Singing in between. A song calls listeners to use Jesus’ blood. Like some kind of meeting of vampires. Since I’m sitting more or less in the first row so I cannot leave the Bible society meeting until two hours later. The end comes with singing the Faroese national anthem.
At about four o’clock people who have been thrown out of their cabins start to gather on the stairs and in the corridors. Those who depart in Torshavn have to move out of their cabins one and a half hours before arrival there.
The islands are in thick cloud. Nice walking weather. Dry, little wind, no heat. It starts to rain soon though. When I come back here, likely in November, then it will look even gloomier.
life on the ferry
arrival in Iceland

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