Ok again

Sun shines and this gives me enough reason to repeat yesterday‘s walk.
This time I also have the location of the memorial in my GPS. On top of the mountain is a cloud that is getting ready to leave and the cloud on top of the neighboring mountain is ready to replace it.
The letter to the future is exactly where the coordinates say it would be. I circle around the crater. Water murmurs below. This probably is to remind us that this one of the six ongoing climate messes is very real. A hole appears in the cloud and after I‘ve finished the circle will the deceased be covered again.

I reach the farm in Búðardalur just in time to participate in bathing the cows. Now I‘ll spend some time here in order to get some basic understanding how life from the vantage point if an Icelandic farmer looks like. During the first evening I learn how to squeeze milk out of a cow
life in the farm

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