It does not get very dark in the night.
Rain turns on and off. Cold porridge and iced coffee in the morning. Windy and cloudy but without rain. We follow the river towards the sea and admire the waterfalls. An amazingly majestic landscape that took many millions of years for the forces of nature to create and that humans could destroy in less than a year.
The further down we go the more flowers and other plants there are. Above are patches of blue sky and we even see the sun. Icelandic landscape is not walked but suffered. Sometimes there’s a reward.
Closer to the sea we start seeing garbage and collecting it. In the end it gets too much. Gifts from the sea. So we have a picnic at the beach looking at driftwood and driftplastic.
A trampled path continues towards Hvalá. Common eiders on the waves, a lone little ringed plover. We almost step on a fox cub who aggressively opens her mouth but figures then that two hikers are too much and escapes into the den. The path disappears or rather we miss the place where it turns towards the Hvalá bridge. So we stumble on a seal colony. The hairy creatures watch us from the water, roll their black eyes and dive with a demonstrative splash.
Back driving through the river and into a hot tube in Krossnes. Accommodation in Djupavík, of course.
long way to Ásbyrgi

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