still on Grímsey

A huge Hurtigruten cruise ship has arrived.
People in red jackets are shuttled to shore, first in boatfulls, then in ones and twos. From the bathroom window I can see the mass of red jackets heading towards the giant ball. Like a kindergarten excursion.

There’s a lake in the middle of the island that I haven’t seen. This cannot stay like that. No wind, the windmills on the hill stand idly. Surprisingly many mountains from the mainland are visible through haze. The lake is nested in the middle of the hills. A small island seems to be in its middle but on closer inspection it’s just plants in water. I collect a pocketful of cartridges. Many more are left. Should have brought a garbage bag. So we have to come back tomorrow. On our way to the hotel straight over the grass we collect a record amount of birds above our heads.
Red jackets are filling the souvenir shop. They don’t fit in very well. We still manage to get our everyday waffles with jam and whipped cream.
The puffins have left. They always leave all at once overnight, explains the souvenir shop woman. They arrive like that as well. Unlike the terns who come and go in waves. Terns are the birds who make the longest trips, catching more sunshine than any other animal.
The grocery shop opens and we get some burger buns from last year. Well, what could have happened to them in deep fridge anyway. There’s some cheese left in the hotel fridge from previous occupants that we’ve decided to save from being thrown away.
The ship leaves and takes the redjackets with it. What a destructive hobby.

back to the mainland

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