four days in New York

What do I know about New York? Guggenheim, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, jazz, hip-hop. Unreasonable amount of people. Unreasonably high buildings and the danger to get hit by passing airtraffic when inside.
A useful transaction. Dutchman Peter Minuit is remembered by history because he bought from native Americans Manhattan island that was then called New Amsterdam. Slogans on the wall from Kennedy about how immigrants have always enriched America's social fabric sound somehow ironic in that light.

First day is dedicated to must-see landmarks. Cycling in Central Park. Broadway, Times Square. Bryant Park. Empire State Building. Strolling on High Lane. 9/11 memorial. Statue of Liberty sunset cruise.
Second day is about art. A walk in Harlem with Lady K Fever getting to know graffiti. The area was first home for Irish and Jewish immigrants, then for Italians, Latinos and Africans, now mostly for Puertoricoans and single moms. The most famous graffity arists is Manny Vega. After that Guggenheim and museum of modern art. In the evening I meet Chipamong and we visit Apple store.
third day is spent in Brooklyn Botanic Garden and natural history musem. The museum is obviously for children and for people who have never been in nature. Playing some chess on Washington square and listening jazz in Smalls.
Fourth day. Mets. Shopping. Going to a bookstore with Chipamong. And movies. Everest 3D.
Last day a short walk in Chinatown and Little Italy. Italy is retreating, China on the offensive.

New York is definitely not my city.
Queues everywhere. To get a ticket, to get in, to let your bag to be scanned, to get past people who are having their picture taken, to get to see the view, to get out.
Plastic. Unbelievable quantities of trash and packaging.
People eat and drink on the run. No decent food.
conference in Ithaca

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