Of equipment and plans
Of equipment
The skis are here called tundra skis. About the same width as normal cross country skis but shorter, as tall as me. Hoarse in the middle underneath and with a metal edge. A woman I met in the forest hut said that these are the best skis for this landscape.
Cumulus sleeping bag, the note on it says up to minus 10 C.
Big backpack from Bergans, weighs 1090 grams and fits everything needed. Its color is purple for some reason.
Clothing included three pairs of pants/trousers, five layers on the upper body, two hats (one with face mask) and two pairs of gloves. Down (!) gloves on top of thin gloves kept my hands nicely warm. Thick Salomon winter boots requied only one pair of socks. Socks are from Icebreaker.
Three days in the cold first killed the smartphone. I had to change GPS batteries once but I don’t know since when the first ones were in it. The change lasts until now. There were also old batteries in the head lamp and after three long evenings of constant use the lamp started to blink indicating that batteries might need changing soon. Tablet didn’t understand anything. In the first evening the battery was 100% and coming out of the forest it was 84%. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 or something. Camera got a fully charged battery in Posio that is after 410 pictures still going at 35%. Olympus of course. Looks like most of the spare batteries I had wrapped around my body just had a fun ride in the forest.

Of plans
From May onwards trip reports will be more frequent here. Learning Faroese and Ukrainian has started but before some other things will happen.
To this two thoughts from the book of Dahr Jamail.
”So many of these things will recover,” he says of the glaciers and forests that are vanishing before our eyes. ”But not in a time frame that includes humans.” (dr Daniel B Fagre, research ecologist, United States Geological Survey)
I’m just not comfortable watching this slip away on my watch, so now I’m scrambling to see the world in the condition it’s in now, because it’s never going to be this good again. (dr Dean Miller, marine biologist, an Australian Geographic sponsored explorer)

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