in Lahti

I drive onboard feeling important with an employee-ticket from Eckerö because Anne and Lembo have arranged it like that.
Finnish-speaking service is something new compared to my recent commuting to Helsinki and back. Ship swings. A message arrives saying welcome to Finland and that internet is like at home. Internet as human right. I like European Union.
I finish an Icelandic-language book with 10 advices how to stop killing people and start to wash dishes.
After a bit of plodding in dark Helsinki I soon race with other Finns 100 km/h towards Lahti. Temperature drops from minus four to minus eleven. Weak. For my disappointment instead of recent cold and sunshine the weather forecast promises that Finland will be warm and cloudy in the coming week. The further I get the more snow is packed on the trees though. Getting there.
Around eleven I’m in Lahti. Hostel is closed but the key is in safety box number two. I have a small but clean room.
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