There are more places in Finland than Helsinki, Tampere and Rovaniemi. Like Runni.
Here is a spa hotel that was meant as a reward after five days in the forest. Well, all did not go according to the plan in the end.
People have built here a swimming pool, jacuzzis and sauna. They have tried but it’s not much of a comparison to the Icelandic hot tubes. The man in the reception offers massage and other services but spa massage is usually just pointless stroking and for this 59 euros I can cut my nails myself. So I just go turn on all the jacuzzis and sit in the sauna for free. No-one else there in the middle of the day.
Outside is tropical zero degrees. The way from Anetjärvi to Runni brought me through forestry landscape. Clear-cut areas, young forests, tree plantations. As everything is better and bigger in Finland so are clear-cut areas also huge. The forests of Scandinavia are turning into a myth as are the Estonian ones.
Now there’s time to read and more depressing information is in store from Dahr Jamail. For example. All glaciers will by gone by 2100 and one third of these could not be saved even if we’d stop all CO2 emissions today. Which means that two thirds could still be saved and we’re doing nothing. Doesn’t that make you scream? Glaciers are not cute, rivers start from there. Parts of North-America, areas around Andes and Alps are in for water shortages. Seven of the worlds biggest river systems start in the Himalayas. Considering the population density there then quite a crowd will be sitting dry.
With less snow up in the mountains trees will grow larger and use more water. That means less water in the ground and more material for wild fires. The rest of the trees that help rain to travel inland we just cut.
Warmer ocean means poisonous algae will proliferate. Fish eat it and the fish will be eaten by birds, sea lions and other fish. Somewhere up the food chain are also humans. In addition it lacks zooplankton in warmer water so some species will just die of hunger. Already now.
Almost all of the world’s coral reefs will be dead by 2050 because oceans warm too fast and there are more often hurricanes or big storms in places there used to be none. It’s not a tourism industry's or divers’ problem. About a quarter of marine life lives on the coral reefs. 17% of the world’s protein intake is fish, up to 70% on coastal areas and islands. There will be a lot less fish.
I need some food and beer now to cheer me up. Dimly lit room, loud music. Nobody is eating, people sit at tables and some drink, ehm, Sprite? I manage to get some food and beer from the bar. Music seems somehow weird and it takes some time before I realize that it’s karaoke. People dance diligently along with it. Lady from next table goes and takes random men to the dance floor. I begin to understand why Runni hasn’t made it to the world map.
Iso-Syöte, part 2

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