full circle

Between sleep I see that sloping green Finnish landscape under dark blue cloud has appeared behind the window.
A stop in Ivalo, the circle is full.
Change of driver. Before going he explains what's going on to two German tourists. Because I presented myself as a Finn I get no special treatment.
For start we struggle with luggage lockers together with an old lady. The door does not close, coins fall out. I get a guy who removes lock kernel. One-euro coins fall out from there. Only two-euro coins are accepted.
I walk to the center with a wish to find a place where I could get food, coffee and electricity. All those things available in Coffee House. I set up my travel office - laptop to charge, to copy photos from camera, internet. Train goes after six o'clock.

It's damn cold in the train at night. The heating does not work in our car. Conductor proposes in every stop to move to the next car but only few sleepy passengers follow his advice. Others roll up even tighter and try to go back to sleep.
About at four o'clock Finland starts to steam. It's like there was a big kettle under every lake that creates thick damp clouds. Sky is clear, it will be nice weather.
Most eating places are closed in Helsinki at half past seven in the morning. Luckily there's a booth near harbor, tables covered with plastic sheets. They serve coffee, pie and croissant. Sun is shining, market unpacks itself. The girl from food stall gets a box of strawberries from the market and starts to decorate cake platter with them.
In harbor Estonian builders already drink beer.
birds and end of Europe

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