journey to Kibber

After a swim in Kaberneeme near Tallinn me and Katri end up travelling to Delhi in first class. Overbooking.
Sudhir meets us in the airport and offers us breakfast which is enjoyed together with his wife Puja and dog Puzo.
Train to Kalka. Heat and time difference make the ride seem like a weird dream. The toy train to Shimla is a very different experience. Clear mountain views and neat stations.
In order to continue more easily we hire a car until Kaza. This takes us through Sarahan, Sangla, Kalpa and Tabo. More mountains, some temples and monasteries, first words in almost-Ladakhi.
We part our driver and guide Raju in Kaza for the final stretch to Kibber with an anonymous taxi driver.
acclimatizing in Kibber

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