Terelj nature park

Next I have arranged a two-day excursion to Terelj nature park.
There's a guide and a driver. The guide is actually the owner of the company and she probably just wanted to spend some time out of the city. So she lets me hang around on my own most of the time which is nice.
Rainy weather. A local dog keeps me company and we climb up a mountain, sit there and watch the goats. Then the guide takes me to a giant turtle-shaped rock where I get to wonder around for a few hours and then we visit a monastery. She of course know a lot and it's interesting to talk to her.
Next morning I take advantage of the fact that I have my own private jurt and sneak out for sunrise. The views are magnificent.
Back in the city I visit the modern art museum and have dinner with Zaza.
My travel companions arrive sometime in the night.
galop on a Mongolian horse
long way to Khövsgöl Nuur

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