The usual long breakfast is a bit shorter and goes over on into island anticipation.
It seems to be a rather narrow strip of land between water and cloud. Who would have guessed, this place really excists. Dramatic green rocks descending into sea.
On the beach are people, jeep and tractor. Does not look like an isolated island. First diplomacy with the representatives of the Norwegian army then all stuff over to the campsite. Not an especially scenic place but that's the only official option. The point is to make coming here as uncomfortable as possible.
The beach is full of driftwood, rocks and black volcanic sand. Luckily I took my own tent with me from the ship and can so have a single supplement. Marcus teaches me how to put a tent up in sand in a windproof way. Useful new knowledge.
There's dinner and information that Beerenberg should be visited first. I hadn't planned that at all but Magnús convinces me that it is only walking. Well, I can walk. And a long walk hasn't been a problem before. So I get some improvised harness, crampons from Vidar and the footprint of the tent will serve as bivi. We'll see. Þetta reddast.
second day on the sea
the climb

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