first day on the sea

I wake up to the announcement that there is ice outside.
There really is. Lonely huge blocks in strange shapes swimming by. From Greenland. The sea is calm, wind icy. In the opposite side of the breakfast table Karlheinz swings back and forth along to the movement of the waves.
Since there is no official wake up time or schedule so everyone is free to do what they want. It means switching between eating, reading, sleeping, talking and watching the waves. Breakfast stays on the table the whole day which is nice.
It's actually better to be outside because then the brain understands the swaying. Inside eyes say that the world is straight but balance sense tells the opposite. At some point I feel my brain swimming inside the scalp. Sleeping also helps.
At lunch some excitement is created when a pot of pasta attacks.
Siggi recommends me a book about heaven and hell, in Icelandic. So I bother every Icelander I meet with unknown words. Still understand surprisingly a lot.
The sea has taken on the color of molten lead.
on the water and more water
second day on the sea

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