in the base and on the beach

There was some adventure in the evening.
I had just finished installing myself in the sleeping bag when strange noises started outside. And soon a command 'everybody out, the tent is going!' Some jumped out barefoot, some in underwear. Some tangled on the ropes, some carried more stones and driftwood to the scene of almost disaster. One digged. We have only one shovel. The kitchen tent had tried to escape and turned 'Chamonix explosion' upside down in the process. The tent got fortified into a castle. Most small tents were trying to lie down. Mine stood surprisingly solid, only inside I felt as if the wind wanted to lift me off the ground and someone shoveled sand on the roof.
We have an invitation to the Norwegian base for today. 8 kilometers of road. The faster ones have to wait the moderate ones at the gates where signs point towards different places in Norway.
Reception is friendly but not overly enthusiastic. They have seen people before. Seems that I've become famous. That wasn't the intention of course but gives me the right to buy a special badge from the souvenir shop. The best part of the visit is the offer to use the shower. Then there's a small museum, chairs, coffee and artificial moss on the floor. They even have socks here on offer which are dry and clean at the same time. Luxurious life.
The excursion goes on with exploring the coastline this side of the island, everyone shining with cleanliness and joy. The coast is dotted with modern sculpture, rock arcs and smashing waves in between. Stunning. When it is not possible anymore to continue without flying, we improvise a picnic on flowers, enjoying the smell and sunshine. After that we spread up. Magnús and Fred climb higher, Martin starts crossing the island over the mountains and Marcus fights the skuas. Jedem das Seine.
I go back following the coast until the beach in order to check out each and every rock formation. And then catch up with Fred and Magnús for my share of uncooked noodles.
There is campfire night in the camp. With hundred years old wood from Siberia. Some things are invented like anti-dust, a battery that loses weight and volume when low and memory card that gets heavier with taking pictures. And of course the title of Erling's future book. 'Ups and downs, stones and moss'.
Vidar opens the bar and becomes very popular.
in the fog
beginning of the way back

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