second day in the mountains

Rain has gradually stopped. Even three stripes of blue sky are visible.
Icelanders talk a lot about weather and with a reason. Weather is also important for a tourist, especially when tourist lives outdoors.
For start I ford the river in my previous front yard and put boots on only after that. Trail continues in riverbed with small streams, lot of wet moss and horse footprints. Over a wide field another many-streamed river is visible and there I also have to take boots off when jumping doesn't help anymore. Get diverted by a jeep track and walk then across mountain side towards the right trail. GPS firmly in hand so that wind couldn't blow it away.
When road goes up then streams below form a nice circle. A glacier moves closer. Or is it a white foamy cloud. No rain to be expected from either of these. Some dramatic canyons visible over the edge of the mountain. The trail crosses round mountains and it's not always easy to see what is on the other side. Up is an especially amazing canyon and then a colorful mountain. Probably minerals or some kind of stone but I only looked at the book about Iceland's geology in book store, regretting that it's so heavy. Sit on a stone and feel blessed to be able to see all this. They have installed a big flat stone here for this purpose.
Again a wide stone plateau and then the hut on the foot of Klakkur mountain is visible. A river crossing before it of course.
It is possible to stay in the hut for 4000 krona if you call to basecamp and ask for doorcode. Which means that here must be network. It's strangely one-way. Message about an open window comes in but the reply does not want to go out. Weather app says 'no network'. Since rain is nowhere to be seen I continue for another two kilometers as recommended. It's really very windy up here. Before I use a piece of civilization which is called toilet. It's without code and I must battle with wind to get out again.
After 1,6 km is the spot that the Germans described. I guess. Another green patch further ahead. The other one is damp moss. Would be quite passable but some animal has frequently used this spot as an outhouse. To go back doesn't seem appealing. Would have to come tomorrow again. With help of a stone I carry all shit into one pile and remember not to step in it. Re-marking the territory.
Solitary gusts of wind make determining wind direction a bit difficult. When I've decided the location of the tent and am half-way through securing it with stones it appears that the door is on the wrong side. Or tent is wrong way. Everything again from start. Last chance to dig Pärle's tent into ground anyway. If I don't want to sleep head down and feet up then I have to place myself in tent the other way as usually. Head where normally are feet. Small adventures of a hiker.
Since it's again only about four o'clock I play some more with stones and build a wind shelter for the cooker. Bring water from stream which is padded with light green moss. Read in tent, watch the landscape. Sun comes out. Although it's windy, I'm warm and cosy.
With dinner the system is the same. When I'm almost done it starts to drizzle. At the same time I find sporadic network in campsite. Tomorrow's mountains are full of colors on the other side.
first day in the mountains

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