In the evening I go to take pictures of colors of the clouds. Sun drops on the other side of horizon.
Weird, it does not rain in the morning. Tent is dry. Some sky visible through clouds. I don't put on all my clothes when going to brush my teeth. Strange to put totally dry socks into dirty laundry bag.
It's possible to get breakfast here but somehow I have too many sachets of porridge and want to get rid of them. By eating preferrably. Cheaper also. Breakfest costs the same as all the rest of the fun. All tables are taken so I sit in the luggage room of the car. Very comfortable. It's good also to spread all things around in the car. Tent was kind of empty as well.
No easy day today. The things I missed yesterday because transportation changes have to be fitted in. Hard life of a tourist.
First destination is Látrabjarg. Birds live there. Mostly fulmars, auks and puffins. At first it seems as if Kvalross and Hornbjarg were much cooler but then it is quite fun to lay on my stomach and watch what the birds are doing. Standing of the edge is not advised since puffins have digged their nests into the ground so you might fall down with the edge's edge. Cloud sneaks along the mountain side. Big busload of French is delivered.
More traffic when going back. This time I'm not at the side of the abyss. Roads here are mostly gravel, modestly bumpy and road borders are not used. Would be a nuisance to re-instal these all the time.
Traffic dies down when I turn towards Rauðasandur. Red beach. Unbelievable amount of orange sand next to blue waves. Spend long time just walking around and picking up seashells. Sand shines in the sun. No stones, no moss. No ups and downs. I can see a cloud on Látrabjarg like a scarf. When I get back to the car a big bus and a small bus bring more people. Good timing. Later looking back I can see Snæfell far away.
Today I'm already used to the lack of traffic and that I can just stop in the middle of the road to take pictures from the window. Very amateurish. Yesterday's landscapes were just for looking on the spot.
Because of landscape I've decided to go to Selárdalur. Road is quite bumpy but it's worth it. I don't remember using side mirrors for views before. Sharp mountains and clouds moving up and down between these. Caribean water on the other side.
There should be museum of Samúel Jónsson in Selárdalur. It's under construction but door to the church is open and possible to wonder around. Strange place.
The same way back and then towards Þingeyri through stone desert. There has to be a waterfall. Well, there are waterfalls all around but this one is Dynjandi waterfall. Already from far it's clear that there is a lot of water. Falls like a skirt from the rocks above and forms 6 or 7 smaller waterfalls below. I guess that this is the most beautiful waterfall I've ever seen. Queen of all waterfalls. An hours passes without me even noticing. Then I'm in a hurry. The accommodation is supposed to have check-inn only until ten.
Next valley is full of foam. What? Looks nice from above but road goes right into it. And then there's nothing to see anymore. The usual. Quite difficult to understand where the road is going. It's only clear that on the right is deep milk soup. A sheep in the middle of the road. Right, they are here as well.
At guesthouse is my name on the door with a post-it and breakfast starts at 8:30.
Sad that the nationwide football euphoria has changed into a football hangover. So familiar from home, this 'we can do it too!' and then reality hits. No, you're still too small, you even have only 8000 fans against 68 000 Frenchmen. Just remembering what has been on air many times a day: video .
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