in the capital

Almost tearful farewell with Sunny in the airport and off I fly over the tops of the Himalayas.
'Weather in Delhi is pleasant with clear skies' announces the stewardess before letting us out into hot and humid fog of Delhi.
I take a taxi from the hotel to do a tour of my own design. Chattarpur Mandir, a Hindu temple where everybody is happy to see me. Digambar jain temple, all white, very peaceful, a monk singing loud and clear. Lotus temple that is closed for lunch. Humayun's tomb with sticky light. Jami mosque which is accessed with veloriksha. Bookshop and fancy dinner. A very busy day.
Next day is spent with the others in the airport and eating in a five star hotel. Someone forgot to tell us that the airplane is not going today. Then it usually goes tomorrow.
Khardung La

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