road to Leh

It takes two days and some camping.
The road is narrow but it is there. It's there because Indian army needs access to the region. Lot of lorries, it takes time to maneuver past them. Dust. Incredible colors. Air starts to get thinner and thinner. We camp somewhere before Sarchu which means pretty high. About 4300 over sea level. It's crazy.
I have slight headache in the night but drinking water and sleeping half-sitting helps. Everything is slow motion in the morning, I feel better after breakfast. Get permission to eat everywhere.
Tanglang Pass, 5360 m. I'm half sleeping, every place aches. All mountaintops are below us for some reason. There's a traffic jam because a truck has broken down. No way to get past it but luckily it gets taken care of fast. Then it starts to go down with each meter. By the first stop I'm back to life and buy chocolate.
India is gone, houses are square, mountains bare. Green valleys, whitewashed stupas, paved road. No plastic bags.
Move in to Oriental Guesthouse in Leh. Before bedtime I have enough energy to climb up the 554 steps to Shanti stupa. Without resting. I'm acclimatized.
up to Manali
monasteries of Ladakh and Zanskar

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