trek from Phyang to Hundar

One day in Leh. I meet Wasim, swim in Indus and drive a motorbike. Kind of.
Walking starts in Phyang and it takes five days to reach Nubra valley. We have four horses, they carry all the things. We are Ifti, horseman Tenzin and me. Early morning on the second day we have to cross Lasermo Pass, 5200 m. We have received conflicting information about if it is possible or not. It is possible. I take it slow but with no pauses I'm faster than Ifti who rests every once in a while.
Flowers and a river after that. And it now goes mostly downhill.
Every evening Ifti cooks enormous amounts of food and I'm expected to eat it all. Everything is delicious of course. After the first course I'm usually not able to bend my stomach anymore. More food goes in if I stretch out.
No people for two days, then Hundar Dok. The sky looks weird in the morning and later in Leh I'm told that it was solar eclipse.
Hot water and fried rice in Hundar.
I spend a day in Hundar, walking through the desert to Diskit and hiring a car to Sumur. There are temples, of course.
Back to Leh with a shared minibus over Khardung La, the highest motorized pass in the world. 5602 m. Or the highest might also be in Bolivia.
Mahindra's restaurant has opened. I meet Ine.
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Pangong Tso

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