Scafell Pike

Sunshine, perfect weather for climbing a mountain with a view.
Scafell Pike is with its 978 meters the highest peak of England. By accident I get onto 'the track up Brown Tongue into Hollow Stones and reach the summit by way of Mickledore, a journey as magnificent as the other is dull' (Alfred Wainwright). The Mickledore ridge being 'the best place in Lakeland for viewing the vertical from the comfort and safety of the horizontal'.
Alfred Wainwright was the grand old man of Lakeland mountaineering and his hand-drawn maps and route descriptions are still in use ('A few yards distant, to the west, is a triangulation column of the Ordnance Survey; a visitor in doubt and seeking confirmation of his whereabouts should consult the number on the front plate of the column: if it is anything other than S.1537 he has good cause for doubt - heaven knows where his erring steps have led him, but this is certainly not to the summit of Scafell Pike').
On my way down I make a detour to Great Gable to see the 'Wainwright view' and catch the highest mountain and the deepest lake on one picture.
I end up with a 17 km walk.
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