five hours in Kiev

David must be really pissed off from the countless changes in my travel plan.
Finally I and the Georgian chamber reached some kind of edible result. No dinosaurs this time.
As an unaccustomed activity I have to find some souvenirs to take with me. So I have the chance to familiarize myself with things on offer in Tallinn. There is various staff, nice and weird. Does anyone really drink Old Tallinn?

From the Georian guidebook I discover that I'm already familiar with two representatives of Georgian culture without knowing that they were Georgian: Katie (Ketevan) Melua and Boris Akunin (Grigori Chartishvili).

There's sun in Lithuania and Belarus.
Kiev seems to be a transit-zone for Dubai and I have here five hours. 23 degrees. And one must be on guard because the marmots which escaped from the Kiev Zoo could still be on the loose. Look here: massive escape from the Kiev zoo.
There's ultra-slow hand-made check-in. The lady says that she can't see my luggage in the computer. Well, it's ok as long as I see it without a computer in Tbilisi.
I get a sandwich and a huge coffee in a soup bowl. No internet, no bookshop. Lot of shiny floor and very few chairs. Young girls with electronic gadgets everywhere. I seem to be a rarity with my book until some more western-European looking people arrive.
I assume that Kiev was the first place outside Estonia that appeared on my childhood's mental map.
21st of September

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