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Partly cloudy as promised. And strong wind. From the room the view is all over the city, bare mountains visible far away.
First shopping. Hypermarket, wine and stuff. Then the post office. Then culture.
Excursion to the treasury. They made jewellery with fine carvings here already before our era. We didn't even chase each other with clubs at that time. The museum guide is enthusiastic and talking is not allowed.
In National Museum there's more jewellery and big pots. In addition an exhibition about occupation. The most memorable exhibit is a heartbreaking letter from villagers somewhere in Khevsureti to the American government where they wrote that they do not want kolkhozes but their own culture and since they have no weapons they intend to defend themselves with swords and spears. Above that a quotation from everyone knows who: it got better to live, it got more amusing to live...
The Art Museum is cool. Georgian art from the 20th century. I like especially the works of Elena Akhvlediani, Lado Gudiashvili, David Kakabadze and Mose Toidze. Nice colors,
Elena Akhveliani also has a picture of Tallinn with Niguliste church. And a whole room of Pirosmani. I guess he couldn't draw much but he definitely could paint. His paintings are mainly made for various restaurants for a bottle of wine. At some point another artist whose name I don't remember bought them all.
No puppet theater for there's no play today. That's a pity.
We eat until bursting and end the evening in a nice retro-café next to the puppet theater.
There are weird patches of color in Tbilisi sky.
Kiev stopover

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