I get up at three to catch the sunrise.
It's more convenient with sunrises in the winter.
There are clouds but they create a wonderful mirror landscape on the water pools. Beautiful water pools. This is actually their name, ilusad laukad. The air is thick with bird song and black flies. Perfectly peaceful for just sitting there and looking around (take something for sitting on unless you want your bottom wet). I take a couple hundred pictures and some water and head back.
A short nap after breakfast and then I wander towards Mäurassaare on the edge of the bog. Mäurassaare is one of the old farmhouses that used to surround the bog. Now they're all gone, at best you can spot some of the ruins in the undergrowth.
Bog is cloudy and moody now. A few white butterflies and some flowers. Elk and deer have also left their prints. I reach a semi-official trail. There's the sign of the nature reserve. So I continue back on the gravel, pass my car and take three liters of water from there. Now I have so much water that I leave some of it in the cabin for next people to come. Less mosquitoes in the forest now. Maybe I've been destructive to the population. Or has the wind blown them away.
I finish a giant book.
arrival in Varessaare
a detour to Selisoo

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