aurora in the clouds

Its lovely to sleep all night for a change.
Outside the wind is furious, whirling all snow from one place to another. Occasionally the other shore of the lake is not visible at all, occasionally also this shore is not visible, although its only about dozen meters away.
Its a bit doubtful if it would be possible to find anywhere close clear skies tonight. Even not in Sweden. We should have more hope around Kilpisjärvi. Yesterday's cloud cover was a bit of bad luck because the sky was very lively then. For now the most active nordic lights have moved to somewhere over Siberia. Maybe there's something left for tonight.
Sari allowed us to use the cabin until tomorrow evening, as long as we like, which is very nice because we'll start towards Helsinki at about midnight. And we don't have to clean up :)

In Sweden the clear skies have moved further away but Kilpisjärvi seems to be free of clouds. At least a bit. We drive there. An askew standing sign shows to Sweden, another like that to Kilpisjärvi. Size doesn't matter. Towards west one can imagine a setting sun, otherwise the sky doesn't give much hope. In Kilpisjärvi there is only a small piece of clear weather, all around it is thick cloud. It seems like on the coast might a gap appear into clouds so there we go off to Norway again.
The border guard asks if we have any goods to declare. I answer 'no' and try to make an honest face. Interesting, how differs an answer from someone who really doesn't have anything forbidden from the one who specializes on smuggling? All 'no's should sound suspicious. The border guard asks if he can have a look. I open the luggage room. Where are we going. Well, it's not like I really know, so I tell him as it is, we are going to the coast with a hope to see the nordic lights. The man shows torch light into the empty luggage space and wishes us luck with the nordic lights. In the light of recent drills one could say that the guard acted almost correctly. He was polite, let me walk in front, asked me to open the door myself, kept up some small talk. Only he stood on the wrong place by the door.
It's warm in Norway! It also has been raining here. Stars appear above our heads. We pick the closest fjord-tip that points north. Something green already flickers up there. In a quite convenient place is a parking spot. I find a big rock in the dark and climb on top of it. From there the view is more or less good. The sky is green over here. Nordic lights mixed with cloud. Not much is going on, some green specks here and there. I'm having fun taking pictures of remote mountains with long exposure and get a result of light blue sky with pink clouds and green splashes. Everything has to do with light. It's nice on the rock, Cassiopeia and Big Dipper above, sea lapping below. I can be without a hat, with thin gloves and don't have to do anything. I like Norway. A country that is a bit upside down: in summer it was cold here and in winter it's warm. It will not be easy to get me down from the rock now, taking into account that I'm neither hot nor cold, not hungry, sleepy nor wanting to take a pee. More clouds arrive and less green is visible. Finally we pack up and get back to Finland.
On our way back we meet two raindeers. They gaze on the road, make sure that the car stops and walk ahead calmly. If I open my eyes next time then it seems that we are in a border check point. Which is strange, it should have been past us a long time ago. And anyway, there was no such place here before! According to signs it seems that we are in Sweden. We import Swedish gasoline into Finland.
My cell phone is full of sms-greetings from different countries for reaching their network area.
in the forest with snow storm
last aurora

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