from Čunovuohppi to Karasjok

During the night I keep thinking „what if....“
Seeing water dripping from the roof in the morning strengthens my resolve to quit. Now I remember seeing a rain and flood warning for the area when camping that one night with thunder. Didn’t think much of it then. Maybe „normal rain“ would have been gone from the rivers by now.
I leave some money with an explanation note on the table and walk to Kautokeino. Along the road it’s 10 km. Have lunch at an Asian cafe.
The bus to Karasjok goes where and when promised. A ticket can be bought only via app. If I didn’t have the tablet with me then I could not get on the bus. No wonder they don’t know what their money looks like. The old man from the fjellstue is back online and tells me that the notes I paid him with are not valid anymore. Well, they are from my previous trip to Norway, who remembers when that was.
Sun comes out which motivates me to make a plan how to get to Saraelv and continue the hike from there. But then the missing part of the trail would keep haunting me and I’d have to come back anyway. And I don’t know the rain and river situation there either. So after a lot of pondering I stick with heading home.
I take the expensive hotel in Karasjok this time. It has the advantage of the bus stopping in front of it. I shock people by walking around in dirty trousers and holding a book in my hand.
The receptionist recommends to reserve a table in the restaurant. I do that, deserved or not. It turns out to be the same Sami place I visited the last time. A booked place means a place by the fire. Fire means noise because the smoke cannot find the exit without the help of a machine. It feels like someone was vacuuming under my table the whole time. When I’m asked about dessert then the kitchen is already closed and so no dessert. What a weird experience. I already want to be back in the forest.
a hike to nowhere
from Karasjok to Oulu

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