Pico Zorru

It rains. Breakfast is rather low-key but it suits me.
Nigel gives me maps and instructions to climb Pico Zorru. With a warning that because of the snow I'm not likely to get far.
Mountains are wrapped in clouds, at times visible, at times not. Sometimes a hole in cloud appears above the head to show a giant rock.
The beginning of the path is fine. Some snow and some mud. I frighten a goat or deer. Views are behind the clouds. Instead there's a picture next to the trail what all could be visible here. I try from here and there but as the path narrows, it disappears in snow. Each time I turn around, the sun comes out. Below in the valley the ground is velvety green and trees are turning green as well. Up here are only buds or small white blossoms. A red stone roof here and there. Judging from smell and traces animals inhabit these small houses.
I get the furthest along a broader semi-paved road which could be the right one. Then there as well the snow starts to be over knee-deep. Snow is wet and heavy, boots are soaked. I decide to go back. My toes are frozen and I'm hungry. Meantime the snow has melted visibly, also the panorama is visible and I can identify the mountaintops. Sun shines on my back so I don't have any wish left to sit into the car when I reach the parking lot again. On the other side of the road there's a sign pointing to Pico Pirzu. Ida y vuelta 3,5 hours, distance 4,5 km. Let's see how far can I go. Below in the valley are red roofs of Vuego. After some time the road forks and the sign points back to where I came from. It appears to move quite freely and probably shows the direction of the wind. I choose the way going into sunshine which turns into an animal track soon and then disappears altogether. So I sit on a stone, listen to birds, cow bells and observe the movement of the clouds. Angrier clouds appear and I go back. At the hotel there's sun and lovely green spring light everywhere.
For dinner I join John and Philip. Philip is John's brother, he arrived today and is twice as big as John. Hair is their family is divided unequally. Philip's English is so round that only a part of what he says is understood by me.
Today Nigel's and Joann's daughter with her boy-friend are in the kitchen. Food is more spicy and tasty. Samantha speaks very English-English and gesticulates like a Spaniard.
Philip strews weird facts which gives John the reason to say that all facts coming from Philip are wrong. There are also differences in taste but Philip's choice of wine is appreciated. The brothers come from some coal and steal industry area where about dozen years ago coal dust hung in the air. Now people go fishing in the river where the steal industry used to throw it's waste water. Some more comments on Russians (I didn't start). John predicts that Philip falls asleep before eleven o'clock. So it is, at 22:48 he already yawns broadly.
pink morning
soaked trails

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