In the beginning there was a picture.
After seeing one picture I've changed itineraries of at least three trips: Ani in Turkey, Hoa Lu in Vietnam and Shatili in Georgia. We didn't actually find Hoa Lu like that and Shatili was a bit different but actually it all has been worth it.
Margus and Kariina (yhelteljel) got back from their world tour via Picos de Europa. A picture remained with me from their blog and also the knowledge that I want to go there. Somehow I can't find that picture anymore, on the pictures are mountains like mountains everywhere. That means I have to go and get the picture myself. For this I've got five days and Posada del Valle (home page) is waiting for me. This time I didn't look for an hotel but found it accidentally and didn't consider it necessary to look any further.

Otherwise there's no hurry but in Spain it's recommended to rent a car early. Later prices rise to the ceiling.

And this trip replaces the postponed trip to Uzbekistan.
the car

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