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Heavy wind outside. But warm.
At first the motorway is empty but the closer I get to Bilbao the more cars there are. Wind rocks the car but for little things like that it's nothing unusual.
In the maze of roads in Bilbao I get to the airport but there's nowhere a sign pointing either to Goldcar or Holiday Inn. I turn right and right again just to do something and well-well, here it is. The shuttle bus drives in front of me and takes me to the right place. You've got to have some luck. The girl in car rental company does not come outside this time either. She asks if the car is alright and takes the key. It's alright and they even got half tank of fuel as a gift. I could have driven to Bilbao with first gear like Philip.
The bilboard in airport says that two flights to Madrid and one to Paris have been cancelled. Iberia and Air France. A strike? Germans luckily don't have the habit of striking. When check-in is opened at last the reason for cancelled flights becomes clear. From the sea some kind of tornado is approaching and airplanes can't land in Bilbao. I have to listen to the announcements. Great. And yesterday we were making jokes on Philip missing his flight and staying in Bilbao. John is supposed to climb the same mountain today where I was yesterday. Hopefully wind will not blow him off the mountain top.
Munich disappears from the screen for a moment but Lufthansa airplane rolls in and starts after some delay. Rocking from side to side and through air-holes we leave Basque Country below.

The Alps are covered in snow. White shrunken tops mixed with clouds.
Pico Pierzu

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